For 20 years artist and curator Peter de Cupere has been the most prolific and proactive proponent of olfactory art in the world. This book is a unique document to witness the artist’s research,the origins and context of his work and practice, and offers a view and presentation of more than 500 artworks. 7 authors, 472 pages, more than 1500 illustrations and images, 22 images with 11 different scratch and sniff hidden smells, all make this 3kg book a complete guide to discover the world of olfactory art. The publication will surprise and interact with the reader with soft and beautiful smells but in contrast might also shock while presenting intense or mind-teasing smells. Refine your nostrils when reading this book !


Ashtray | Babylotion | Cardamom | Ceder | Gardenia | Grass | Horse manure | Marihuana | Peppermint | Strawberry | Woodland


Peter de Cupere They call me a scent artist 9
  A life of smell 13
  I (re)search(ed) 15
Ashraf Osman A conversation with Peter 19
Peter de Cupere Olfactology lab 29
Kóan Jeff Baysa A quote 33
Peter de Cupere The use of smell in art, an ‘olfactology’ art research 35
Willem Elias Peter de Cupere in every colour and scent 41
Ruth Renders Fasten your nostrils 49
Peter de Cupere When scent makes seeing, when seeing makes scents 59
Caro Verbeek  Refine your nostrils! A manifestation of a new awareness of smell  69
Peter de Cupere  The art of smelling  75
Hsuan Hsu  The smell of risk  87
Peter de Cupere  Noses and In-Noses  93
Annelies Nagels  Is This Mankind, 2016  95
Peter de Cupere  In honour of Caflo Yrot  99
Peter de Cupere  Olfactism / Olfactisme, Olfactory Art Manifest  101
Peter de Cupere To conceptualise an image, A visual journey 155
  Twenty years Olfactory Art, Een overzicht van kunstwerken 255
  Biographies & Colophon / Biografieën & Colofon 461


The release of this publication coincides with the exhibition Peter de Cupere: ‘Eens was ik een mens’ (Is This Mankind), curated by Annelies Nagels, co–curated by Tom Viaene at De Warande in Turnhout, Belgium, 10 September 2016-22 January 2017. 

Peter de Cupere, Scent in Context, Olfactory Art was made possible through the generous support of:

/ De Vlaamse Gemeenschap

/ De Warande, Turnhout

/ Bruno Devos, Stockmans Publishers

/ The Olfactory VZW.


Since 2008, until date of this publication, is artist Peter de Cupere not represented by any art gallery.

Not all his works are published in this book. Peter de Cupere has chosen to show a wide range of works to give an impression of his art and how it evolved through the years. Hereby he has chosen not to order his works chronological but by the content of the work. What he wants to express, is said or evoked by the work.