Willem Elias is president of the HISK (Higher institute for Fine Arts, BE) and doctor in Philosophy (VUB, Free University of Brussels). Furthermore he studied pedagogy and museology at the University of Leiden.

As emeritus, from 1st October 2016, professor at the Free University Brussels in the faculty of cultural education, where he will be teaching the course 'culture philosophy'.

As an art critic (AICA), member of ICOM and president of the Higher Institute of Fine Arts (HISK) Flanders.

Member of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Arts and Sciences.

Author of: 'Aspects of Belgian Art after ’45', Ghent, Snoeck, 2006, 2008, which can be consulted on: http://belgischekunst.be. Furthermore he is author of numerous catalogues and monographies about Belgian artists. Who wants to drown in the complexity of the modern art, can do this by reading his 'Signs at the wall', VUBPress, 2011.

Who wants to be introduced to it, simply explained, can better read his 'Modern Art', Luster, 2012.